Juice Press to Replace Squeeze as Equinox’s In-House Juice Bar

Squeeze will now focus on its other Boston-area locations.

Squeeze Juice Bar

Squeeze Juice Bar/Photo provided

After five years together, Squeeze Juice Company and Equinox are going their separate ways.

Juice Press, which just opened a second Boston-area location, will replace Squeeze as the luxury gym’s in-house juice bar. Squeeze will cease operations at Equinox’s Dartmouth Street location on January 31, and at the Franklin Street gym on February 14. Juice Press will also set up shop in Equinox’s soon-to-open Seaport location.

Sasha Nisenbaum, Squeeze’s owner, says the transition took him by surprise. “We received limited notice,” he says. “Essentially, they gave us six month’s notice on businesses that had been operational for five years.”

Nisenbaum, who calls Juice Press “a great company,” stresses that Squeeze will now focus on its other locations, including upcoming shops in Beverly, Assembly Row’s FitRow development, and South Station. “It’s a bit of a challenge to go against these big guys, but we’re trying,” he says.

Juice Press, for its part, is pleased to partner with Equinox and continue expanding in Boston, says Chairman of the Board Michael Karsch.

“We’re excited to further expand the Juice Press footprint and make fresh, delicious, organic grab-and-go food and beverages available for even more consumers,” Karsch says. “As a proud Tufts University and Harvard Business School graduate, I am particularly excited to have Boston as our first market for continued brand expansion outside the Tri-State area.”