Squeeze Juice Company Opens New Locations in Healthworks Gyms

Just this week, it announced it was parting ways with Equinox.

Squeeze Juice Bar

Squeeze Juice Bar/Photo provided

Just yesterday, we reported that Squeeze Juice Company will no longer operate within two Boston Equinox locations. But the local brand has landed on its feet, already inking a deal with another upscale gym.

Squeeze will now run locations within the Healthworks gyms on Stuart Street and in Chestnut Hill. Both shops are already open for business, says owner Sasha Nisenbaum.

“At the Healthworks locations, we will be able to put our stamp on the juice bars, which is extremely important to our company,” Nisenbaum and cofounder Richard Gehrlein wrote in a joint statement. “We are very fortunate to have not only found a home for our employees, but also for our juice bars, with a local supportive operator.”

Squeeze will also soon open locations in Beverly, Somerville’s Assembly Row, and South Station. Its former locations at the Dartmouth Street and Franklin Street Equinox branches will be taken over by Juice Press.

Healthworks, 441 Stuart St., Boston, and 1300 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, healthworksfitness.com.