Eight Tasty Overnight Oatmeal Recipes for Hectic Mornings

Make these overnight oats recipes for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.

Whether you’re choosing an extra hour of sleep or squeezing in an early morning gym class, mornings can get hectic. That’s why healthy grab-and-go breakfasts can be a lifesaver, simplifying your morning and giving you energy for the day ahead.

To get you started, check out these eight overnight oats recipes:

1. Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Overnight Oats
via With Salt and Wit

You love cheesecake—why not eat it for breakfast? This fruity overnight oats recipe uses light cream cheese and Greek yogurt to achieve a creamy taste, without tons of calories. Adding protein powder will keep you full until lunch.

2. Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats
via Tastes Better from Scratch

This simple overnight oatmeal recipe uses only five ingredients: almond milk, oats, Greek yogurt, applesauce, and cinnamon. If you’re vegan, swap the Greek yogurt for a dairy-free yogurt, such as coconut.

3. Oatmeal Cookie Overnight Oats
via Jar of Lemons

Sweetened naturally with maple syrup and stevia, these oats taste like dessert for breakfast. Almond butter and Greek yogurt make your jar hearty and satisfying.

4. Cafe Mocha Overnight Oats
via Motion Mom

With this tasty overnight oatmeal recipe, you’ll get breakfast and your morning caffeine boost at the same time. If you don’t own an espresso machine, use strong coffee instead.

5. Strawberry Chia Overnight Oats
via Kristine’s Kitchen

Chia seeds form a gel when combined with liquid, adding thickness and texture to these overnight oats. This recipe uses strawberries, but would also be delicious with any other berry or fruit.

6. Peach Cobbler Overnight Oats
via Jennifer Meyering

For a taste of summer, these fruity overnight oats use peaches and Greek yogurt. While overnight oatmeal is typically eaten cold, you can also warm these up for a true cobbler effect.

7. Brownie Batter Chocolate Overnight Oats
via Chocolate Covered Katie

Start your morning on a sweet note, with tasty overnight oatmeal made with cocoa powder, chia seeds, milk, and yogurt. Omit chocolate chips if you’re trying to keep your sweet tooth in check.

8. Chai Spiced Chia Overnight Oats
via Flavor the Moments

Replicate chai with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves. Try using maple syrup instead of white sugar to keep your bowl of overnight oats free of refined sugar.