What’s in a Full-Time Fitness Instructor’s Gym Bag?

Aly Raymer teaches at B/Spoke, Equinox, and Exhale.

For most of us, simply remembering to pack a gym bag is a victory. But for those who’ve made careers out of health and fitness, it’s all in a day’s work. In this series, we’ll take you inside those expertly packed bags.

Aly Raymer

Aly Raymer’s gym bag/Photo provided

Aly Raymer

The Pro: Raymer is a (fit) woman about town. She’s the senior lead instructor at B/Spoke, an indoor cycling studio in the Financial District, and finds time to moonlight as a yoga instructor at Exhale and Equinox.

The Bag: Fjallraven’s Rucksack No.21.

The Contents:

1. New Balance Vazee Transform Graphic Trainers: “Nothing I teach requires shoes, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like stylish kicks,” Raymer says. “Plus, when I want to jump into the gym for a quick HIIT session I’m always prepared.”

2. B/Spoke x Corkcicle canteen: Water is a must when fitness is your nine-to-five.

3. B/Spoke R/DE Hat: “When you work out two to three times a day, your hair unfortunately takes the hit,” Raymer laments. “Doesn’t matter to me, because I love a good baseball cap.”

4. Aiaiai headphones: Raymer says these gadgets, from Danish brand Aiaiai, “give me the highest quality surround sound possible.”

5. Danielle Laporte Desire Map Planner: Because everybody needs a good planner.

6. Orbit gum: An essential for any bag.

7. Edens Garden essential oil: “I use this on my hands when I give my yoga classes assists, or if I am feeling like I need a moment of calm in my day,” Raymer says. “I touch a dab on my temples or wrists and inhale deeply. It’s blissful.”

8. Wet brush: “It detangles even the worst post-workout mess and keeps my hair smooth,” Raymer says. High praise from a professional fitness instructor.

9. Sephora charcoal face wipes: Face wipes can be a lifesaver when multiple showers per day just aren’t in the cards.

10. Nut Butter Filled Clif Bar: Raymer opts for the coconut almond butter variety when she’s on the go.

11. DrinkMaple water: “I am always thirsty, and sometimes I need more than water to feel satisfied,” she says. “Maple water is refreshing and nutritious.”

12. Stussy sunglasses.

13. Apple MacBook Pro: “I live on my laptop searching for music, style, and dreaming up my next music festival vacation,” Raymer says.

14. iPhone 7: Complete with a custom Killspencer case showcasing the B/Spoke logo.

15. Charlie Card.