Massachusetts Lawmakers Really, Really Don’t Like Trumpcare

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Kennedy are speaking out against the ACA replacement.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

To put things mildly, Massachusetts lawmakers really do not like the Affordable Care Act replacement that’s been branded “Trumpcare.”

During a marathon Congressional hearing about the House Republicans’ bill, Rep. Joe Kennedy railed against the “unanswered questions” still swirling around the text, and criticized its approaches to long-term care, mental health, and addiction. At one point, the congressman even called the bill “an act of malice.”

Kennedy’s outrage was matched by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who also made headlines in December for her opposition to the 21st Century Cures Act. Warren went on a tweeting spree Thursday afternoon, calling the bill “cruel” and “a catastrophe.”

At this point, at least one thing is clear: Electeds from Massachusetts, a state known for its healthcare, aren’t letting this bill pass without a fight.