Massachusetts Lawmakers Really, Really Don’t Like Trumpcare

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Photo via AP

Photo via AP

To put things mildly, Massachusetts lawmakers really do not like the Affordable Care Act replacement that’s been branded “Trumpcare.”

During a marathon Congressional hearing about the House Republicans’ bill, Rep. Joe Kennedy railed against the “unanswered questions” still swirling around the text, and criticized its approaches to long-term care, mental health, and addiction. At one point, the congressman even called the bill “an act of malice.”

Over 24 hours into our hearing and it's crystal clear: GOP repeal bill is no act of mercy. It is an act of malice. #ProtectOurCare

— Rep. Joe Kennedy III (@RepJoeKennedy) March 9, 2017

Kennedy’s outrage was matched by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who also made headlines in December for her opposition to the 21st Century Cures Act. Warren went on a tweeting spree Thursday afternoon, calling the bill “cruel” and “a catastrophe.”

The GOP have convinced people who never agree on ANYTHING – docs, hospitals, economists, even insurance companies: #Trumpcare is a disaster.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 9, 2017

A health care bill that destroys care & affordable coverage for millions – seriously? What planet are these guys living on?!

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 9, 2017

It’s time to junk this cruel #Trumpcare bill before massive numbers of Americans are hurt by it.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) March 9, 2017

At this point, at least one thing is clear: Electeds from Massachusetts, a state known for its healthcare, aren’t letting this bill pass without a fight.

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