You Can Take Yoga in a Himalayan Salt Room

Westborough's Just Breathe Salt Room offers yoga and guided meditation.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe Salt Room/Photo provided

Salt therapy rooms—spa-like digs pumped with pharmaceutical-grade salt—have been popping up around Massachusetts for the last few years. But at a brand new facility in Westborough, you can experience the practice like never before.

Just Breathe Salt Room, which opened earlier this month as an offshoot of New Beginnings to Health wellness center, offers gentle yoga and meditation classes in its Himalayan salt room, allowing students to reap the benefits of both modalities at once.

“It goes with that whole holistic feel,” says owner Missy Cohen. “The room itself is already very relaxing, and meditation just deepens that sense of relaxation.”

So what is salt therapy, exactly? Cohen explains that pure salt is heated to remove any moisture, ground into tiny particles, and dispersed into the air. While clinical research is scarce, proponents say spending time in a salt room can clear up respiratory and skin conditions; improve athletic performance and relieve soreness; help participants relax completely; and even ease anxiety and depression.

“So many of us are go, go, go all the time, and it’s just a way to relax and reset into our parasympathetic nervous system,” Cohen says.

Just Breathe offers private, group, and family salt therapy sessions, starting at $30 for an introductory appointment. Salted yoga is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for $17 per class. Guided meditation is also available.

Get ready to namaste in a whole new way.

Just Breathe Salt Room, 45 East Main St., Westborough,