Eight Healthy and Colorful Unicorn Recipes

These Instagram-worthy recipes feature natural dyes and wholesome ingredients.

Photo by Asia Bradlee

Photo by Asia Bradlee

When stylist and photographer Adeline Waugh posted a picture of pastel-colored “Unicorn toast” on Instagram, she had no idea it would become a major trend. But with the help of social media, her toast is credited with launching a full-blown, unicorn-inspired frenzy.

From toast to lattes, the mystical fad is popularizing a colorful and healthy way to eat. Most unicorn recipes are dyed naturally, with the help of natural food powders such as spirulina (blue or green), turmeric (yellow), and blueberry powder (purple). If you’re unable to find natural food powders, food coloring will do the trick.

Want to join the fun? We rounded up eight healthy unicorn recipes you can try at home.

1. Rainbow Unicorn Sushi
via The Indigo Kitchen

This vegetable-packed sushi recipe uses beet powder, turmeric, and spirulina to dye the rice—just be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll alter the flavor.

2. Unicorn Smoothie
via Eating Well

Frozen fruit gives this healthy breakfast smoothie its vibrant color. This recipe uses low-fat vanilla yogurt as the base, but feel free to try it with Greek yogurt for added protein, or coconut yogurt if you’re sensitive to dairy.

3. Unicorn Doughnuts
via Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

These gluten-free doughnuts are baked and frosted with coconut cream and natural food powders. To get the best results, be sure to refrigerate the can of coconut milk for at least eight hours before using.

4. Unicorn Yogurt Bark
via Honest to Nod

Made with yogurt, sweetened with honey, and topped with fresh fruit, this unicorn recipe is perfect for a sweet treat. For easy snacking, divide the bark into separate bags and keep them in the freezer.

5. Unicorn Noodles
via The Indigo Kitchen

Made with only three ingredients—purple cabbage, noodles, and lime juice—these noodles are a quick and magical way to get unicorn colors. After soaking the noodles in the cabbage dye, squeeze lime over them and watch the hue turn from blue to pink right before your eyes.

6. Rainbow Unicorn Dip
via Chocolate Covered Katie

This creamy dip uses vegan cream cheese and coconut milk yogurt. Divide the dip into four portions, dye each one with natural powders or food coloring, and then swirl them together to get the pastel palette.

7. Unicorn Rainbow Chia Seed Pudding
via Ciao Florentina

This recipe uses five small portions of chia pudding, individually dyed and then layered together. If you can’t find dragon fruit at your local supermarket, try using frozen acai.

8. Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza
via Gimme Delicious

This gluten-free crust, made only with cauliflower, eggs, and cheese, is an easy and healthy way to get your pizza fix. The rainbow of vegetable toppings—broccoli, peppers, corn, and onions—give it the unicorn effect.