People Are Going Crazy for “Goat Yoga” at This New Hampshire Farm

New Hampshire just hit peak New Hampshire.

arboretum goats

Photo by Madeline Bilis

UPDATED, Friday, April 14:

Goat yoga is also available in Massachusetts, at Rutland’s Heifer Farm. Find all the details here.

New Hampshire just hit peak New Hampshire.

Jenness Farm, in the tiny town of Nottingham, is becoming internet famous after posting photos of “goat yoga” on its Facebook page last week. And no, these classes are not just done in the near vicinity of goats. The photos show goats actually perched on the backs of people holding downward dog, child’s pose, and more.

The post has blown up, and numerous media outlets have taken notice. Interest has been so great that Jenness wrote a follow-up post Wednesday morning, explaining that classes are completely sold out and the waitlist has been capped at more than 350 people.

According to the second post, the farm is actively looking for more yoga teachers to expand the program, and is working on a larger indoor studio that will hold more animal-loving yogis. “Please bear with us during this crazy new experience and THANK YOU for your interest in this unique class,” it reads.

Goat yoga, like cat yoga before it, is actually something of a trend, though Jenness seems to be the only place in New England you can experience the barnyard magic. A farm in Oregon reportedly had a 1,200-person-long waiting list for its classes back in January.

As for whether it’s good for your yoga practice? The jury’s out.

“Personally, I feel as though doing yoga with pets is distracting if you are actually trying to get a workout in—especially if the goat’s crawling all over you,” says Boston-based instructor (and Boston contributor) Emily McLaughlin. “On the flip side, animals make people happy. Mood boosters for sure.”

“I love animals and I think they can bring a very playful aspect to your yoga practice,” adds local instructor Jenna Hill. “My cat is all over me and my mat any time I practice at home.”

The real question: Is goat pose a thing?