Boston’s First Cold Brew Tea Bar Is Expanding

EvyTea is adding a shop in Charlestown.


Evy Chen/Photo provided

A year after setting up shop in Jamaica Plain, EvyTea—which brands itself as the city’s first cold brew tea bar—is expanding to Charlestown.

In June, EvyTea will open its second brick-and-mortar tea bar, this one at 1 Monument Avenue, near the Bunker Hill Monument. Like the JP flagship, it will offer cold brew teas (blends brewed in cold water for at least 16 hours), sparkling teas (cold brew tea mixed with sparkling water, fruits, and herbs), tea lattes, and periodic food pop-ups.

Founder Evy Chen says the concept is somewhere “between a juice bar, a bubble tea bar, and a café,” offering Bostonians a place to hang out sans alcohol. “We’re a New Age, healthy beverage company that’s filling a need nobody else is filling in the market right now,” Chen says.

Cold brewing, she adds, allows EvyTea’s beverages to stay as healthy as possible, because it eliminates bitterness that must then be covered by sugars and syrups. None of EvyTea’s cold brews or sparkling teas use white sugar, only honey, agave, or fruit juices.

“During that very slow brewing process, the tea will start to bloom naturally. It releases a lot of its own natural beauty and flavors, so you get to taste the layers of flavors within the tea itself,” she says. “It’s a healthier and more delicious way of brewing tea.”

Chen says Charlestown was a natural market for such a product. But to expand the brand’s reach beyond JP and Charlestown, EvyTea is also converting a 1976 Airstream Argosy trailer into a mobile tea bar that will cruise around Boston, visiting festivals, markets, and retreats. That, too, will hit the streets in June.

EvyTea’s bottled products are also available in stores such as Whole Foods.

EvyTea, 253 Armory St., Jamaica Plain, and 1 Monument Ave., Charlestown (coming soon),