Polar’s Summer 2017 Flavors Are Officially Here

Which one will you sip first?

Polar Seltzer

Polar’s summer 2017 flavors/Photo by Jamie Ducharme

Each year on May 1, summer comes early to New England. But this has nothing to do with May flowers or sunny skies—no, this is the day Worcester-based Polar Seltzer drops its limited edition summer flavors.

The 2017 lineup—a strong one, if we do say so ourselves—includes mango berry, pineapple grapefruit, raspberry rosé, watermelon margarita, and strawberry sunrise. An extremely scientific test taste at the Boston offices yielded these thoughts:

  • Mango berry, back from summer 2016, is arguably the best of the bunch. More berry than mango, it’s sweet, fruity, and all-around delightful.
  • Pineapple grapefruit got very positive reviews for its zesty, refreshing flavor profile. More than one tester likened the flavor to clear gummy bears.
  • Raspberry rosé, in addition to being highly on-trend, would be a lovely beverage to sip on a hot summer’s day, perhaps while reclining in a hammock.
  • Watermelon margarita, another holdover from last summer, does not taste especially like watermelon, but nonetheless would be a good mixer.
  • Strawberry sunrise got mixed feedback, and drew comparisons to everything from dental fluoride to hand soap (but in a good way).

Don’t take our word for it. The five summer flavors will be hitting stores starting today, and sticking around through the summer. Go forth and stay hydrated.