Nine Healthy Ways to Use Raw Cacao

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these raw cacao recipes.

Avocado chocolate mousse

Photo by Emily McLaughlin

Dark chocolate has long been touted as a health food, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Many dark chocolates, however, are still packed with added sugar.

That’s why an increasing number of people are turning to raw cacao—pure chocolate that contains zero added sugar. The unprocessed product is also a good source of minerals like zinc and magnesium, and sneaks in a little protein and fiber.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way, try these nine raw cacao recipes.

1. Avocado Chocolate Mousse
via Emily McLaughlin

This healthy dessert uses avocados for a creamy, mousse-like texture. Raw cacao powder adds chocolate flavor, while a small amount of honey or maple syrup gives the treat a hint of sweetness.

2. Cacao Acai Bowl
via Create Mindfully

Pick up frozen acai packets at the grocery store, then blend them with raw cacao powder and a banana. Top the bowl with cacao nibs, coconut, chia seeds, or whatever you have on hand. Instagram post optional, but recommended.

3. Chocolate Paleo Doughnuts
via 24 Carrot Kitchen

This cacao doughnut recipe is completely paleo, using coconut flour instead of refined white flour. You can even use flax eggs instead of regular, if you so choose.

4. Almond Butter Cacao Overnight Oats
via Blissful Basil

Make these overnight oats before your next busy morning. Almond butter will help keep you full, while maca and raw cacao powder add a boost of energy. Chocolate for breakfast? Sign us up.

5. Sweet Potato Avocado Brownie Bites
via The Real Food RDs

These raw cacao brownies are mixed in a blender, allowing for quick and easy preparation. Avocado and sweet potato give the brownies a rich and fudgy texture, while honey provides natural sweetness.

6. Raw Banana Cacao Breakfast Smoothie
via My Darling Vegan

This simple smoothie only uses six ingredients: dates, raw cacao powder, banana, almond butter, almond milk, and chia seeds. Easy as it is to make, the smoothie’s fiber, protein, and calcium will keep you nourished and full.

7. Peanut Butter Cacao Date Caramel Truffles
via Blissful Basil

These decadent truffles are loaded with healthy ingredients, such as peanut butter, dates, and cacao. The recipe calls for a food processor, but a blender could also work.

8. Superfood Hot Chocolate
via The Healthy Maven

This raw cacao hot chocolate also contains turmeric and maca powder for an extra boost of nutrients. The recipe uses coconut milk, but any non-dairy milk would work just as well.

9. Three-Ingredient Raw Cacao Bites
via Simple Vegan Blog

Walnuts, dates, and raw cacao powder make up these simple energy bites. When blending the ingredients, you may have to pause and scrape the dates down the sides of the blender, since the mixture has a tendency to stick.