13 Hidden Gem Running Routes Around Boston

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A workout routine is a great thing to have. Falling into a rhythm keeps you consistent, and making exercise a habit ensures it actually gets done.

But when your routine starts to feel too routine, you get bored—and that’s when you fall into a workout slump.

Runners, who tend to be creatures of habit, are especially susceptible to this phenomenon. So we consulted an expert: Mark Lowenstein, a Brookline resident who has written three books about running in Boston, and who now heads up Great Runs, a website that uncovers the best places to run in more than 150 cities worldwide.

Here, Lowenstein shares some hidden gem routes that will shake up your routine—and get you miles away from the Esplanade.

Fresh Pond

Fresh Pond photo by Anthony Citrano on Flickr/Creative Commons


North Point Park

North Point Park photo via istock.com/drnadig


Deer Island

Deer Island photo by Doc Searls on Flickr/Creative Commons

East Boston:

Sudbury Aqueduct

Sudbury Aqueduct photo via wikimedia commons/magicpiano


Revere Beach

Revere Beach photo by Patrick Lentz on Flickr/Creative Commons

North of Boston

Castle Island

Castle Island photo by Robert Linsdell on Flickr/Creative Commons

South Boston:

Neponset River Greenway

Neponset River Greenway photo by smilingcat on Flickr/Creative Commons

South of Boston

Lake Waban

Lake Waban photo by Mass Travel on Flickr/Creative Commons


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