These Are Bostonians’ Favorite Foods, According to Lose It

The nutrition tracking app found the foods we log more than other users.

Sometimes, Boston, we live up to our own stereotypes.

Lose It, a local nutrition tracking app, pored over its data to determine which foods, restaurants, and brands are more likely to be logged in Boston than in other parts of the country. For the most part, what it found will not shock you.

The foods Bostonians log more frequently are:

  1. Iced coffee (probably from Dunkin’, probably in a Styrofoam cup for good measure)
  2. Lobster
  3. Clams (in chowder form or otherwise)
  4. Eggplant
  5. Squash

One through three: checks out. Four and five: less obvious, but we’re glad you’re eating fruits and veggies.

The restaurants Bostonians log more frequently are:

  1. New England chain Papa Gino’s
  2. Boston-based B.Good
  3. Dedham-founded D’Angelo
  4. Orange Leaf
  5. Uno’s

Apparently, this city is eating a whole lot of pizza.

The brands Bostonians log more frequently are:

  1. Everett’s own Teddie peanut butter
  2. New England favorite Joseph’s hummus
  3. Massachusetts company Cedar’s hummus
  4. Worcester classic Polar seltzer
  5. Delightfully crunchy Cape Cod chips

It’s not shocking that there’s lots of home state love here. Most surprising, if you ask us? That the cult of Polar didn’t propel the fizzy stuff straight to number one.