What You Need to Know Before Your First Boxing Class

Learn boxing fitness basics in this tutorial video.

Emily McLaughlin

Emily McLaughlin/Photo by Mary Polleys Photography

Boxing runs in Boston’s blood. A number of boxing gyms—including Somerville Boxing Club, Peter Welch’s Gym, and the Ring—have been around for years, providing a sanctuary for fighters. And now some new guys—think EverybodyFights, Title, and UFC—are making waves in Boston, too.

Despite its growing popularity, though, attending your first boxing fitness class can be a little intimidating. Don’t let that deter you. Many gyms follow a simple number system for each punch you throw, and teach a handful of defensive counter moves. In the video below, you’ll learn each of these skills before you even set foot in the ring.

Let’s review those punches:

1. Left jab to the head
2. Right straight (or cross) to the head
3. Left hook to the head
4. Right hook to the head
5. Left uppercut to the sternum
6. Right uppercut to the sternum
7. Left hook to the body
8. Right hook to the body
9. Left jab to the body
10. Right straight (or cross) to the body

Now, go sign up for a a boxing fitness class and throw those punches like Foreman and Ali.

Emily McLaughlin is a Boston-based fitness instructor and health blogger.