Polar Seltzer Just Teased a Magical New Batch of Flavors

Including the return of an elusive fan-favorite.


Polar’s Unicorn Kisses/Photo by Jamie Ducharme

Guess who’s back, Boston.

In an email sent to super fans, Polar Seltzer teased the return of an elusive fan-favorite flavor, and the release of three new ones that’ll have your supermarket shelves looking like a Target on Black Friday.

According to the email, the “mythic menagerie” includes the re-release of last spring’s beloved Unicorn Kisses seltzer, as well as new releases Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief, and Mermaid Songs. (Now accepting bets as to what they actually taste like.) The Impossibly Good line also appears to come in half-cans, a surprising choice for a company known for its highly totable one-liter bottles.

The tiny tastes of magic will be shipped to select retailers on August 1, and will only be on shelves for a limited time. Start making space in your fridge now.

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