There’s a Yoga Flow for Potterheads Happening This Month

In need of some Sirius stretching?

Harry Potter Yoga

Photo provided by Barefoot Yoga Shala

Are you a bookworm who needs to get in shape? Quidditch not your style? Try Harry Potter’s Yoga at Middleton’s Barefoot Yoga Shala.

Instructor Mary Drover will lead a magical workshop inspired by the beloved character’s 37th birthday, which falls on July 31. Expect 90 minutes of poses inspired by the wizarding world, and meditations guided by passages from the book. You may even get to refuel with treats from Ollivanders and Hogsmeade.

Both Drover and Jenny Ravikumar, the owner of the studio, have strong ties to the Harry Potter series—all the plants in the studio are even named after the series’ characters.

Harry Potter is important in both life and yoga,” Drover says. “It is important because it keeps teaching us, again and again, that magical things are possible, that there is space inside of us where the impossible becomes possible, and that no matter how thick the darkness is that surrounds us, there is always light and love to be found.”

$30, 7/31, 7:30 p.m. Barefoot Yoga Shala, 191 South Main St., Middleton,