10 Watermelon Recipes to Make This Summer

From soup to smoothies, these recipes make the most of a summer staple.

On a hot, humid summer day, nothing feels better than biting into a sweet piece of watermelon. To make the most of the hydrating fruit before it’s gone for the season, try these 10 healthy watermelon recipes.

1. Creamy Watermelon Honey Smoothie
via Macheesmo

This refreshing smoothie is made with only five ingredients: watermelon, Greek yogurt, honey, chia seeds, and a banana. If you want a thicker smoothie, try freezing the banana beforehand.

2. Watermelon Bruschetta
via Host the Toast

Sweet and savory flavors come together in this healthy snack or appetizer. For extra nutrients, swap the baguette out for a whole grain or whole wheat bread.

3. Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles
via One Lovely Life

You’re going to want to eat these refreshing popsicles every day. And since they’re made with only watermelon, lime, and strawberries, you can.

4. Watermelon Salsa
via The Gunny Sack

This salsa recipe uses a personal watermelon, cucumbers, cilantro, and other summer flavors to create an easy dip for chips, or a topping for chicken and fish. Take your entertaining skills to the next level by serving the salsa in the carved-out watermelon rind.

5. Watermelon Lemonade
via My Fussy Eater

Store-bought lemonades are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. This sparkling lemonade, however, is sweetened with honey and fresh watermelon. It’s meant to be garnished with mint, but basil would also be a good option.

6. Cilantro-Lime Grilled Watermelon
via The Stay at Home Chef

Add some smoky flavor to watermelon by coating it in olive oil and throwing it on the grill. The watermelon doesn’t take long to cook, so be sure to keep an eye on it and grill it for only three to five minutes on each side.

7. Blueberry Watermelon Feta Mint Salad
via She Wears Many Hats

A salad boasting blueberries, watermelon, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar tastes like summer in a bowl. One point of caution: This salad can get soggy if it sits for a while, so keep the diced watermelon separate until you’re ready to serve.

8. Watermelon Poke
via Bon Appétit

This recipe uses seared, marinated watermelon as a substitute for raw tuna. Serve the vegetarian poke as-is, or over a bed of brown rice.

9. Watermelon BBQ Sauce
via Yummy, Healthy, Easy

Take your grilling up a notch by using watermelon in your marinade. This BBQ sauce combines pantry staples such as garlic and balsamic vinegar for a simple blend.

10. Watermelon Gazpacho
via Food Network

Tomato, watermelon, chiles, and more come together for a refreshing summer soup. Make the gazpacho right before serving, and chill the bowls beforehand to ensure the soup stays cold.