Six Yoga Poses That Stretch Your Hips

These poses are great for runners, office warriors, and everyone in between.

Yoga for hips

Emily McLaughlin demonstrates supta baddha konasana

One of the best parts of summer is taking your exercise routine out of the gym and onto the city’s sidewalks, bike paths, and parks. But all of that walking, running, and biking takes a toll on your hip joints and the muscles around your hips—as does sitting at your desk for hours on end during the week. 

Some pre-workout dynamic stretching, and a stretching and strengthening routine for the hips, may help to soothe those tight, achy hips. This yoga sequence guides you through six helpful postures, some more focused on strengthening and others more focused on stretching.

Move through runner’s lunge, lizard lunge, malasana, butterfly pose, supta baddha konasana, and happy baby pose. Finish by resting in savasana, putting your legs up the wall, or walking it off. 

Check out the full flow in this video:

Emily McLaughlin is a Boston-based fitness instructor and health blogger.