Polar’s Winter Flavors Will Be Hitting Stores Any Minute Now

Merry Christmas in October.

Polar winter flavors

Polar’s 2017 winter seasonals/Photo courtesy of Polar

If you weren’t planning to hit the grocery store tonight, well, it may be time to adjust your plans.

Over the weekend, Polar announced its 2017 batch of winter seasonal flavors—and according to the Worcester seltzer giant, the first shipments of these coveted concoctions will go out on Monday, landing them on store shelves in the coming days and weeks. Hope you’ve got some room in your fridge saved.

So, what will you be sipping on this winter? This year’s seasonal collection “was conceived as a fusion of seasonal fruits and festive cocktails,” according to Polar’s VIP newsletter. (Which, yes, exists, and which, yes, you should probably join.) The flavor lineup includes returning favorites winter citrus and berry and cranberry cider, as well as mixer-ready newcomers blood orange sangria, ginger lime mule, and blackberry citron.

As always, these special seltzers are only available for a limited time—until “winter’s end,” according to Polar. The clock is ticking, fizz fans. Which one will you try first?