New York-Based SLT Is Heading to Boston

The new branch of Strengthen Lengthen Tone will be on Newbury Street.

Photo courtesy of SLT

“If cardio, strength training, and pilates had a baby, it would be SLT.”

While their tagline may leave you with a rather strange mental image, the workouts provided by SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) will leave you with full-body results. This boutique exercise studio provides high-intensity, low-impact classes that can burn up to 500 calories per visit. Each 50-minute class uses the Megaformer, an evolution of the pilates reformer.

The machine might look and sound intimidating, but instructors will show you how to utilize the straps, pulleys, handlebars, and other moving parts to get your muscles working. Each movement engages the core while you rotate through slow, deliberate exercises that fatigue every muscle of the body and increase fat and calorie burn. Movements like bear, mermaid, and cobra will get you the results of pilates, but with a cardio class’s energy and group dynamic.

Founder and CEO Amanda Freeman started SLT in 2011, when she saw an opening in New York City’s boutique fitness industry.

“I had a personal desire for a workout that I loved,” says Freeman. “I was finding that a lot of the workouts everybody did weren’t getting me and other people the results that we were looking for.”

Then she found the Megaformer. While she was in California on business, Freeman’s friend recommended she try out a class at a West Hollywood studio. The studio was owned by Megaformer inventor Sebastien Lagree. Once she experienced the class, Freeman’s entrepreneurship senses started buzzing.

“I had to open studios of my own,” she said. Freeman started her first SLT studio in midtown Manhattan, and six years later, it’s a thriving brand.

Now, it’s Boston’s turn to try it out. For Freeman, bringing SLT to Boston is “a coming home of sorts.” She was born in the city, and lived here for several years while studying at Harvard Business School.

“We’ve had a huge demand for SLT outside of the New York metro area, and naturally, we were drawn to our neighbors in Boston, where boutique fitness is thriving,” says Freeman. “It’s a place I know very well.”

Boston’s SLT will be located on the third floor of 341 Newbury St., and it’s opening Thursday, November 2. The one-time parking garage is now a bright, welcoming studio outfitted with 12 Megaformer machines. The limited number guarantees a small class size, allowing for individualized attention from SLT’s experienced trainers.

“The atmosphere that we’re always working to create is one where clients are challenged, but they enjoy the workout,” says Freeman.

SLT welcomes all fitness levels to join them for the new studio’s opening weekend this November. Local health and wellness partners, including Mother Juice, will join SLT for launch events including specials, giveaways, and more.

Interested individuals can check out the class schedule and sign-up on SLT’s website. It’s $15 for your first visit, followed by a single class rate of $32 per visit. Multi-class packages are also available, along with student rates and private sessions. In the first few weeks, introductory classes will be available so clients can get used to the Megaformer and SLT workouts. The studio will also offer advanced classes for those already familiar with SLT.

$15 for your first visit, opening Thursday, November 2, 341 Newbury St., 617-236-7333,