Equinox Just Opened the Precision Running Lab in Chestnut Hill

You're going for more than just a jog.

Photo by Ian Travis Barnard

Let’s be honest, running on a treadmill at the gym can be boring. Who hasn’t watched several episodes of a reality tv show to pass the time while getting in those miles?

Well, be prepared to be bored no more. Equinox has opened the area’s first Precision Running Lab in Chestnut Hill, now open to non-gym members as well as members. So no matter your gym allegiance, you can still tie up those laces and take advantage of this class that was years in the making.

David Siik, the mastermind behind the Precision Running Lab project, spent years researching and studying running to perfect this class. He created the programming exclusively for Equinox based on a unique interval training method called Balanced Interval Training Experience, or B.I.T.E. The workout is a track-inspired run that consists of intervals at different speeds and inclines. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic training means runners burn more and hurt less.

Just as much thought and consideration was put into the overall sensory experience; the lighting changes colors with the music to signal runners when to warm-up, peak, pause, sprint and cool down, and the soundtrack is exclusively without lyrics, allowing participants to focus more sharply on their run. An air filtration system removes nitrogen and pumps oxygen back into the room. The Woodway treadmills are custom-made, as is the dedicated zone for post-run stretching.

Trust us, the 60-minute class will fly by. You’ll for sure need to catch up on some reality show episodes on the train home.

Precision Running Lab at Equinox, 200 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, equinox.com.