Nine Grilled Pizza Recipes to Try on Your Home Grill

Burgers and hot dogs aren't the only grill-worthy foods to enjoy all summer long.

grilled pizza

Grilled Naan Pizza/Photo by Asia Bradlee

Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than a homemade pizza. But in the warm weather, no one wants to be slaving over a hot oven. This summer, take your pizza making outside with these nine better-for-you grilled pizza recipes with toppings ranging from chicken to jackfruit. There’s a pizza for everyone on this list.

1. Grilled Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza
via Blissful Basil

With its shredded texture, jackfruit serves as a vegan substitute for pulled pork and hemp seed is used to mimic cheddar cheese. This recipe features a homemade dough, but a pre-cooked flatbread can also be used.

2. Cauliflower Pizza with Greek Yogurt and Grilled Veggies
via Food, Faith, Fitness

The grill is used to roast the zucchini and tomatoes and also gives a smoky flavor to the cauliflower crust. Instead of cheese, a simple spread is made with basil, garlic, and Greek yogurt.

3. Grilled Mushroom Pizza
via LaaLoosh

In this recipe, whole wheat tortillas serve as an easy crust. The pizza is topped with mushrooms and shallots, but for an extra serving of vegetables, try adding arugula or squash.

4. Grilled Avocado-Barbecue Chicken Naan Pizza
via Noble Pig

Simplify your cooking time by using a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store—just be sure to add extra barbecue sauce. To get visible grill marks, put something heavy on top of the naan while it’s grilling.

5. Grilled Watermelon Pizza
via Spices in My DNA

For a lighter option, this recipe uses watermelon as the base instead of dough. When making the pesto, use less olive oil and be sure that it’s more chunky than regular pesto.

6. Charred Corn and Rosemary Grilled Pizza
via Foodie Crush

Plan ahead with this recipe; the homemade dough needs about an hour to rise. When grilling the corn, be sure to keep the corn silks intact and cook until charred.

7. Grilled Fruit Pizza
via the Chunky Chef

To satisfy your dessert craving, make this pizza with fruits such as oranges, kiwis, and mangoes. Fresh basil and mint add a hint of spice to the sweetness.

8. Grilled Naan Pizzas
via Asia Bradlee

For vegetarians, this pizza is a great option, with cannellini beans serving as a source of protein. The homemade arugula pesto in this recipe is made with only five ingredients.

9. Grilled Cherry, Goat Cheese, and Arugula Pizza
via Recipe Runner

This sweet and savory pizza is made with fresh cherries, crumbled goat cheese, and arugula. A balsamic reduction—made with balsamic vinegar, honey, and salt—is drizzled on top of the final product.