This Is What the Registered Dietitian for the Celtics Eats for Breakfast

Nick Arcuri has cooked up healthy meals for the Denver Broncos, St. Louis Rams, and Memphis Grizzlies.

We don’t need to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In this series, we’re asking top doctors, fitness pros, and dietitians for a sneak peek into their kitchens, so we can see what’s on their breakfast tables.


Image provided / Michi May

Nick Arcuri

Claim to Fame: 

Nick Arcuri has been dishing out healthy meals and helping athletes reach top caliber performances for the past 10 years, and players on teams from the Denver Broncos to the St. Louis Rams to the Memphis Grizzlies have benefitted. He now serves as the Director of Team Nutrition (team chef and registered dietitian) for the Celtics and has a true passion for creating and serving delicious food.

Lucky for him, he doesn’t have to look far for a good workout. Armand Lavalle, the head strength and conditioning coach for the Celtics, writes up a cardio and resistance training program for him that he follows almost every single day in the wee hours of the morning. He says he enjoys those few extra hours in the morning he gets for his work and fitness routine while most people are still sleeping. As a new dad to a baby girl, his motivation to stay healthy and fit is at an ultimate high.

What He Ate: 

Before he jumps into his workout routine, Arcuri downs a cup of coffee fortified with a shot of espresso, one sugar, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. After his workout, he reaches for one of three things, all of which are available on a regular menu for Celtics players:

  1. “Dr. Sang Acai Bowl”: Acai fruit blended with unflavored protein, topped with chia seeds, hemp hearts, pistachios, and raw oats.
  2. “Papa Armand Muesli”: A bowl of raw muesli mixed with full fat, unflavored yogurt, chia seeds, hemp hearts, berries, and two hard-boiled egg whites.
  3. “Michi May”: Scrambled eggs with mixed vegetables like roasted chunks of broccoli, bell peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, and onions on a bed of baby kale tossed with chipotle salsa and a little refried beans (which are mashed, not fried).

Why He Chose It: 

“Breakfast gets the most credit because it sets you up for success throughout the rest of your day,” Arcuri says. His tips on making the most of your breakfast include:

  • Hydrate—drink water all day long and even more if you exercise often. Stay away from drinks with added sugar.
  • Increase fiber intake—substituting whole grain products instead of refined versions will help you feel fuller longer in between meals.
  • Use spray olive and canola oil for cooking and dressing your food. There are a ton of calories in oils and butters, so limiting them can make a big impact.
  • Plan ahead—stock the kitchen with grab and go items like yogurts, fresh fruits, and hard boiled eggs. Or make overnight oats or smoothie kits.

“It’s important to stay on track throughout your daily routine in regard to exercise and eating habits,” he says. “That way you won’t be deterred from spending time with friends and family around great food and can allow for periodic indulgence and care-free enjoyment.”