Do This Bodyweight Only Outdoor Workout Anywhere

Looking to shape your glutes? Erin Bailey went to the Esplanade for this AMRAP booty circuit.

Esplanade workout

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No gym? No sweat. This week we’re taking our workout outside with this bodyweight-only outdoor workout on the Esplanade. All you need is a bench! We’re focusing on legs and glutes, while keeping your heart rate up by doing it AMRAP style (As Many Rounds As Possible)—great when you’re in a bind for time.

Set the clock for 20 minutes, go through each round as quickly as you can, take a quick breather, and jump right back in. See how many rounds you can get through:
  • Plyo Step-ups x 20 each leg
  • Box Squat Jumps x 12
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 each leg
  • Bulgarian Split Squats x 10 each leg

Things to think about for each movement:

Plyo Step-ups: Focus on keeping your weight over the bench. Instead of shifting your weight to the foot on the ground, keep your weight centered on the leg pushing off of the bench. Be sure to switch your feet at the top of the bench jump and not on the ground. 

Box Squat Jumps: When squatting down, just tap your booty on the bench without fully sitting down. Then, immediately jump up as high off the ground as you can, landing right back into the squat and tap back position.

Mountain Climbers: Find a strong high plank position first, then add the movement of your knee tucks in second. Make sure to keep your shoulders over your wrists and body as stiff as a board.

Bulgarian Split Squats: This move is challenging because it focuses on single-leg stability. So focus on squeezing (activating) your core to hold your balance, and as you lower down on your front leg, make sure your knee doesn’t cross over the front toe. If it crosses over, just take a small step forward.