10 Healthy Tailgate Chip and Dip Recipes to Make for Football Season

Roll up to your New England Patriots watch party with the best, and healthiest, treat at the table.

healthy tailgate chip and dip recipes

Photo via iStockphoto.com/1MoreCreative

Good news: Football is back! Bad news: The temptation to stuff your face at football parties is at an all-time high. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to enjoy game day. There are plenty of healthy tailgate chip and dip recipes to bring to football parties or tailgates. Simple swaps such as substituting Greek yogurt for mayonnaise or baking tortilla chips rather than frying them can make a huge difference.

To get you ready for all of your football events this season, we put together a list of healthy dip and chip recipes that everyone will love.

1. Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip
Via Cookin’ Canuck

This simple recipe has hummus and Greek yogurt as the base, layered on the bottom of the dish. Cucumbers, red pepper, olives, feta, and more Mediterranean ingredients are sprinkled on top. This dip is best served with pita chips or fresh vegetables.

2. Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips
Via Sugar-Free Mom

In order to make this recipe you’ll need a dehydrator, but the crunchy chips are well worth it. Use any oil of choice, but it’s recommended to use sunflower oil because of the mild flavor. Be sure to allow for 8-14 hours of cooking time.

3. Cinnamon Peanut Butter Dip
Via Six Sisters’ Stuff

Four ingredients is all it takes to make this dip: Peanut butter, honey, cinnamon, and Greek yogurt. For those sensitive to dairy, substitute the Greek yogurt for coconut or almond yogurt.

4. Homemade Baked Banana Chips
Via Momables

Try pairing the cinnamon peanut butter dip with these baked banana chips. You can make the chips salty or sweet by using cinnamon and brown sugar or salt. The longer you let the bananas cool after they’re done baking, the crispier they’ll be.

5. Healthy Spinach Dip
Via Amuse Your Bouche

Frozen spinach makes this dip fast and low maintenance and red chili powder adds a hint of spice while cumin gives the dip a slightly smoky flavor.

6. Baked Sweet Potato Chips
Via Gather for Bread

Before cutting the potatoes, be sure to thoroughly rinse, scrub, and dry them. A mandoline slicer is recommended to get the most uniformly cut potatoes.

7. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip
Via Happy Healthy Mama

Buffalo chicken dip is a tailgating staple and we’re so pumped we could find a spot for it on this list of healthy tailgate chip and dip recipes. Luckily, this version has a similar flavor but swaps out the cream cheese for Neufchatel cheese, which has less calories and less fat.

8. Low Carb Tortilla Chips
Via Wholesome Yum

These low-carb alternative chips are made out of almond flour and mozzarella cheese with added spices like chili and garlic powder.

9. Healthy Cookie Dough Dip
Via Chocolate Covered Katie

There’s no fear of salmonella from raw eggs in this cookie dough recipe. Chickpeas or white beans serve as the secret ingredient in this dip, providing protein and texture. The flavor of the beans are mild, which makes it taste like real cookie dough.

10. Homemade Baked Pita Chips
Via Joyful Healthy Eats

If you’re in need of some last-minute healthy tailgate chip and dip recipes, give this chip recipe a go. Buy a couple of whole wheat pitas and pop them in the oven with olive oil and some seasonings. Watch the pita chips while they’re baking to be sure they brown slightly, but don’t burn.