Brooklyn Boulders Announces a Completely New Training Concept

The rock climbing mecca prepares to launch BKBX, a training space dedicated entirely to active adventurers, in Boston later this fall.


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If you’ve been trekking out to Somerville to enjoy the relaxed vibes and challenging walls of Brooklyn Boulders, you’re in luck. A new Allston location is coming. And it’s not like any other Brooklyn Boulders experience—it’s a whole new training concept called BKBX and it’s jam-packed with exciting new ways to use your gym time to prep for your outdoor adventures.

As part of the Brooklyn Boulders franchise, BKBX is coming to Allston later this fall, offering athletes and adventure enthusiasts a space to prepare for their next activity outside the gym—bridging the gap between the work you put in inside and the work you put in outside. The space will feature a training studio where 50-minute group classes will take place, as well as a recovery studio complete with cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, compression sleeves, and a whole host of other recovery devices to use at your leisure.

And what Brooklyn Boulders space would be complete without a climbing wall? They’ll have a bouldering wall and a climbing training wall, plus gear rental if you’re just starting out (or left your gear in Somerville). As if all that wasn’t enough, there will be a desk where you can look at your data collection from workouts based on your wearable technology, book adventure travel, and sign up for seminars on outdoor adventures. And, fear not, there will be lockers, a juice bar, and retail shop so you can freshen up before heading out for the day.

“This concept has been years in the making for us,” Jeremy Balboni, CEO and co-founder of Brooklyn Boulders and BKBX said in a release. “It is the result of listening to our community and to top level adventure athletes. Whether training for a particular outdoor excursion or looking to challenge your own fitness potential, BKBX provides the right platform and tools to accomplish those personal milestones.”

So, before you hit the hiking trails later this season or take to the slopes in the winter, it might be worth your time to see what BKBX is all about. They’ll also be hosting events throughout fall, including an appearance at the SweatCon Rally, to showcase what the training concept is all about. Plus, the new space looks like a room straight out of Zenon’s space ship, so why wouldn’t you want to at least peek inside?

BKBX, 219 Western Ave, Allston,