305 Fitness Is Opening a Flagship Studio in Fenway

Dance-party workout studio 305 Fitness is planting roots in Boston with the grand opening of its flagship space on November 1.

305 Fitness

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Who doesn’t love a good dance party? And by “dance party,” we mean the kind of dancing that you’re sometimes embarrassed to watch, or partake in, but that leaves you gassed and belly laughing like nobody’s business. Now this type of activity won’t just be reserved for the dance floor at your best friend’s wedding—it can be your everyday workout of choice if you so please.

After two years housing a pop-up in the BSC Lab on Boylston Street, 305 Fitness will open a 2,500 square foot space in Fenway come November 1. They currently have three permanent locations, two in New York City and one in Washington D.C., as well as a pop-up in Los Angeles. If you haven’t been to the pop-up here in Boston, expect bumpin’ music, a curated light show, and high intensity dance-cardio moves that will leave your whole body shaking. The website recommends taking the Cardio Basics class if you’ve never been before, which is a 45 minute class breaking down some of the most popular moves 305 Fitness utilizes. Normal cardio classes run 55 minutes in length and involve quick dance moves, sports drills, and high intensity interval training to create a full-body workout.

“305 is a space that makes me feel big, not small,” Sadie Kurzban, founder of 305 Fitness, said in a release. “I created 305 in college while I was going to Brown in Providence. Boston was always so close on the train and it’s been a dream of mine, since graduating, to open a studio here.”

Along with decorations, lighting, and inspirational quotes on the wall worthy of all your Instagram needs, the space will feature performance-enhancing sprung wood floors, a specialized audio system, DJ booth, lounge area, and full-service amenities (locker room, showers, etc.).

Kurzban’s love of music festivals and a great night out with her friends on the dance floor are what inspired her to create 305, and you can see that theme carried out throughout the design and experience of the space and workout. The light show and music curation were created to match that of a music festival while moving with the beat of the live DJ.

“Expect to be challenged,” Kurzban said in the press release. “Think of really challenging workouts like Crossfit or P90X and then there are fun and lively workouts like Pound and Zumba. 305 stands for both. What you get is a workout that is both really effective and really freakin’ fun.”

305 Fitness, 506 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 305fitness.com