This Is What a Master Instructor at the Handle Bar Eats for Breakfast

Candice Peak juggles being an instructor at both the Handle Bar and Barry's Bootcamp with her full-time job and admits that nutrition doesn't play as big of a role as it should in her everyday life.

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Photo by Candice Peak

Candice Peak

Claim to Fame:

Candice Peak probably accomplishes more before 8 a.m than the average human does in a week. She’s a master instructor at the Handle Bar and also teaches classes at Barry’s Bootcamp. Oh, and she has a full-time job as a marketing communications manager at an asset management firm in Boston. She’s rarely in one spot for too long, and in all her free time, she trains for marathons (she recently ran the Berlin Marathon). She’s up and out the door by 5 a.m. to teach spin and admits that “honestly, nutrition doesn’t play as big of a role as it should in my life.” Which just goes to show that life happens, we’re busy people, and even trainers and people in the industry are always seeking lifestyle improvements.

What She Ate: 

When you get up at 5 a.m. it’s totally reasonable that you would have maybe one, two, or three breakfasts, right? Right. Peak says her breakfast stretches for almost four hours. She typically grabs an apple or a GoMacro bar before she teaches spin in the morning. Around 7 a.m., post-class, she’ll usually stop at Flour Bakery for some cold brew and a breakfast treat, adding, “If you don’t know what a butter Breton is, we need to talk.” Before she leaves for work she’ll try to quickly make some eggs and a smoothie. Her smoothie consists of NuttyLife cashew milk, spinach, banana, and some mango.

Why She Chose It: 

“Your body can only run on empty for so long before it throws in the towel,” she says. “Drinking a green juice for breakfast is not going to get me through multiple spin/Barry’s classes a day. I personally don’t enjoy cooking, so I’m exploring quick options that fit my lifestyle. If it takes more than 10-15 minutes to make (including prep time), you’ve lost me.”


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