This Is What the Author of the TB12 Nutrition Manual Eats for Breakfast

Chef Allen Campbell, the former personal chef for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, shares what he eats for breakfast.

tb12 nutrition manual

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Chef Allen Campbell

Claim to Fame:

Known as the “Chef of Peak Performance” because of his extensive work with athletes, actors, and entertainers, Chef Allen Campbell’s approach to food is all about maximizing nutrition through delicious flavor combinations. He is the former personal chef of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen and helped Brady write his TB12 Nutrition Manual before parting ways with the couple in April 2016 to build his own brand. Now, he offers catering, meal plan programming, consultations, and personal chef services as well as engaging in various speaking opportunities and publications. His next book, in collaboration with Miami Marlins owner Julie Loria, will launch in spring of 2019. It’s titled The Game of Eating Smart and will feature Boston Red Sox players David Price, Ian Kinsler, as well as other top MLB players.

“My personal lifestyle choices are the foundation of my brand and my overall mission in life,” Campbell says. “Nutrition is a huge part of this, as it is first and foremost when it comes to developing everything from my recipes in my cookbooks to customized meal plans and dinners.”

What He Ate: 

He says getting a good amount of alkaline water first is key, especially in this cold, dry season. One breakfast favorite of his is a warm, hearty quinoa bowl, which he likes to season with cinnamon cashew milk and top with sliced banana and maybe some baked figs and toasted almonds. He adds that it’s a great substitute for oatmeal and has the added bonus of being a complete protein source.

Why He Chose It:

“It’s important to match our eating habits with the seasons,” he says. “During these colder months it’s one thing to stay hydrated and supplement Vitamin D, but it’s also good to lean towards warmer, heartier foods. Throw some baked squash in the quinoa bowl or add some mineral-rich, organic chicken broth instead of nut milk. For me, I’m not looking to burn calories in this season, but rather keep weight on and stay warm.”