You Can Now Take Kick It by Eliza Classes on Demand through an App

Download the app NEOU and enjoy Kick It By Eliza classes from anywhere at any time. The best part? They're free until January.

Kick It By Eliza

Photo by Lucie Wicker

It’s not like Kick It By Eliza classes aren’t taking over the city (and surrounding area) and aren’t available to drop into weekly. But dang, sometimes the classes fill up in an instant and we’ll never turn our noses up at a chance to kick it at any hour of the day, from anywhere—like say, the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to a new app partnership, you can master your Kick It choreography in your living room without braving the cold. For the entire month of December you can stream free Kick It By Eliza classes from the app NEOU. The app is a live-streaming and on-demand platform for trainers and brands to grow their engagement with fans across a worldwide audience—even Steve Aoki is hosting workouts on the app. And you can choose from a whole host of workouts, such as yoga, bootcamp, boxing, and more. Based in New York City, NEOU has a fitness center for trainers to record and stream their workouts and each Kick It By Eliza class is filmed in the studio by Eliza Shirazi herself.

“For years people have been asking me when I was going to have a DVD or put out videos, before apps were a thing,” Shirazi says. “And I was sort of waiting for the best partner and the best way to do it. The team at NEOU is really incredible and the quality of their work is great.”

She says all the videos are high-definition and produced at a very high quality. When you log into the app, you can select from five different Kick It By Eliza workouts in 30 minute, 10 minute, or five minute increments. “So you can piece two 30 minute workouts together for a full hour-long class, or if you’re just looking to do a quick 10 minute core routine, you can do that, too,” Shirazi explains.

Come January 1, the subscription for the app will be $20 per month and you’ll receive access to not only Kick It By Eliza classes, but also all the other workouts hosted through the platform. And you’ll even get to drop in for live workouts with Shirazi when she’s in the studio recording. Services are available on Apple TV, Roku, Fire Stick, or on your mobile device.

Free until January 1 then $20/month,

Kick It By Eliza

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