Take Brand New Shoes for a Test Drive at Precision Running Running Lab

On January 19 you can demo two of Hoka One One's most popular style of shoes.

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Barry’s Bootcamp / Photo provided

Are you in the market for new shoes? Shopping for new running shoes can be challenging. It’s hard to tell if they’ll actually hold up to all the pavement pounding you’ll endure when you test them just in the short jaunt they tell you to take from the store shop to the stop sign a hundred feet down the street. It’s especially daunting if you’re training for, let’s say, the most popular marathon in the world.

If you’ve been having trouble making a final sneaker choice, here’s a chance to test out a pretty nice one. You can demo two of Hoka One One’s most popular shoes at Equinox’s Precision Running Lab on January 19. The two shoes Hoka One One will be bringing with them are the Gaviota 2 and the Clifton 5. The Gaviota 2 is described as a stable shoe, meaning it guides the foot to prevent over-pronation or, in layman’s terms, when your ankle rolls too far downward and inward as you run. It also features a modest cushion (not too soft and not too hard). The Clifton 5 is described as having a neutral stability, meaning it allows the foot to adapt to its natural placement, and has a modest cushion. Both shoes are recommended for road runners.

Although the demos are technically free, the class costs $30 to participate. So unless you just want to trek to Equinox to lace up a pair of sneakers, taking the class is really the best way to test out if a pair of shoes will fit your fancy. You’ll be able to sign up for classes, and to demo shoes, at 8:30 a.m., 10 a.m., and 11:30 a.m. The class will consist of intervals at different speeds and inclines and will involve a customized warm-up and cool-down.

Each class is open to all skill levels, whether you’re a novice or professional runner, and you’ll get the full immersive light, sound, and air experience that the Precision Running Lab offers. There will also be raffles and giveaways at the end of class. Equinox members, as well as guests, are welcome to attend.

$30, January 19, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., Precision Running Lab, 200 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, equinox.com.