New Balance Just Launched This Feminist Feel-Good Music Video

It represents women who are "in Pursuit" and features Boston-based professional runner Cory McGee.

New Balance

Photo provided / Pictured left to right: Cory McGee, Lisanne de Witte, Bev Ramos, and Stephanie Garcia

If you need a little inspiration to go out and hit those training miles, or maybe a boost of confidence for a big presentation you have coming up at work, you’ll want to watch this music video from Boston-based sneaker masters New Balance.

The video, featuring the song “Start a Riot” by the all-female band Beginners, is a representation of female runners who are “in Pursuit” and is intended to inspire all women who are constantly reaching for their goals and pushing past boundaries previously set for them. Needless to say, there’s some major #girlpower going on in this one.

Four New Balance female runners, including Lisanne de Witte, a sprinter from the Netherlands; Stephanie Garcia, a steeplechase, or obstacle course runner, from the United States; Bev Ramos, a middle/long distance runner from Puerto Rico; and Cory McGee, a Boston-based professional middle distance runner, are the focal point of the video. They can be seen running, jumping rope, and working through agility ladders while showing off the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit—a lightweight and breathable running shoe.

“Through this high-energy music video, we are not only bringing to life the momentum of the song to encourage physical movement,” Allie Tsavdarides, New Balance director of global marketing, said in a press release. “But we hope to tap into an inner drive and momentum of women in their own personal pursuits.”

Not only were the stars of the video female, but the director and producer were, too. Produced by Tessa Films and directed by Brooklyn-based director Lauren Sick, they thoughtfully combined sight and sound to empower and inspire the viewer.

“We are all on a journey,” Tsavdarides said in the release. “Our goal for this project was to channel the potential energy in each of us and to encourage all of you amazing women to keep rocking.”