Attend This Spiritual Wellness Event—Complete with Wine

There's apparently much more out there than hypnotherapy and psychic readings.

spiritual wellness

Marisa Fanelli performing hypnoacupuncture / Photo provided

Marisa Fanelli has always been fascinated with mystical energy. In a society shrouded by notifications and Google searches, she often found herself asking, “Is this it?” We have access to all the information we could ever want, but Fanelli believes there is so much more to discover—both about ourselves and the world at large—and that is what her new, Holistic Pop-up series, that launched last year, is all about.

Fanelli, who has been practicing acupuncture and hypnotherapy from her Sudbury studio since 2011, began doing her own research into alternative healing therapies/therapists. Some of them, she says, “Include mediums, or people who can communicate and get messages from the dead; Reiki practitioners, or someone who can read the energy of your body and heal it; and Akashic readers, who can tap into your soul and relay messages about what your life’s purpose is.” The more she collaborated with other practitioners and continued to learn, the more she wanted to share with the wider community. So, she started hosting “holistic pop-ups,” as she calls them, inviting these guest practitioners out to MetroWest. She even has a wine bar attached to her Sudbury space, where she offers organic wines and gourmet food.

“It’s almost like an exclusive club,” Fanelli says. “And the word is spreading. People are talking about it.”

So what are you getting yourself into by attending one of these events?

It’s truly “a whole life adventure,” Fanelli tells me, and each one is different based on the person leading the event. For example, at a past event, an Akashic reader led a workshop on letting go and moving on, by communicating with “spirit guides” to help show attendees all the times in their life where they hit a crossroads.

Although it may sound like a bunch of hocus pocus, maybe it’s best not to knock it before you try it?

Fanelli knows there are many psychics and energy healers out there, who, for a lack of better word, seem crazy but she says she personally vets each one before bringing them into her space. And even if the information participants uncover through this process seem troubling, Fanelli’s overall goal is empowerment. “It’s never to leave you with these terrible things to suffer. Rather, how can you move forward knowing what you know now?”

The next Holistic Pop-Up is coming up on February 8, and it’s all about unlocking love. A psychic will perform ticket holders’ readings ahead of the event, and will give them a timeline of when they’ll meet their soulmate.

How does that sound for a way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit?

Prices for Fanelli’s events range from $150-$300, and groups are  small—around 6-15 attendees—so people feel more comfortable to share their experiences and learn from each other. “The right people show up to every single event,” she says, and she likes to see people leave having formed new relationships and connections.

It’s all about adding an extra element to your wellness routine, Fanelli explains. “If you want to work on your physical self, you go to the gym. If you want to work on your mental health, you take a meditation class. And there’s this whole other piece—your soul, your energy, the core of who you are—that can’t be tapped into with modern medicine. These pop-ups are about creating positive change in that aspect of your life.”

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