These Are the Two Best Fitness Instructors in Boston, According to Classpass

Collin Batty, an instructor at Flywheel, and Jessie Alegría, from Barry's Bootcamp, took the top two spots.

best fitness instructors in Boston

Collin Batty / photo provided

Those who swear by group fitness almost always have a favorite instructor—and that person alone can make that 5 a.m. wake-up call a little more bearable.

Here in Boston, there’s no shortage of group fitness classes to get your heart rate up, from barre to boxing. But how do you find the class, or more importantly the instructor, that can help you crush your fitness goals? Lucky for us, the group fitness booking app, ClassPass, has announced their 2018 Instructor Award Winners to point you toward the best of the best. Selected from thousands of nominations, courtesy of ClassPass members worldwide, Colin Batty and Jessie Alegría have been crowned Boston’s most empowering movers and motivators.

Colin Batty is a reigning award winner, having secured a ClassPass Instructor title four-years in a row since 2015. Even with these accolades under his belt, Batty says the recognition is still humbling every year. Defined as a visionary and rebel in his Flywheel bio, Batty says his teaching style is all about helping people be their best, “whether that means the best they’ve ever been, or just the best they’re gonna be today.”

A former musician and sailing coach, Batty actually stumbled into a career in fitness after coming across “maybe one of the sketchiest Craigslist’s ads” he’s ever seen for a gym opening up in the Back Bay. That gym turned out to be Flywheel, where Batty discovered he could combine his passion for cycling with his love of music in the Flywheel studio. Now, Batty’s focus is on going into every class with the same intention: “I make sure I’m giving you everything I got, because I want you to give me everything you got.”

Second-time ClassPass honoree Jessie Alegría also hails from Flywheel, as well as Boston’s high-intensity fitness studio, Barry’s Bootcamp. Tying in her past career as a professional hip-hop and modern dancer and choreographer, Alegría sprinkles some “hip-hop swag” into both her rides in the Flywheel studio and her workouts in Barry’s.

“She is an extremely hard worker who is constantly trying to improve her methods,” says Dustin Martin, owner of the Boston franchise of Barry’s Bootcamp. “And if you have ever taken her class, you know how she feels about having fun, listening to great hip-hop remixes, and dancing along.” And when you’re burning upwards of 1,000 calories a workout, a dance break never hurt anyone.

You can sweat it out with Batty and Alegría by signing up through ClassPass or on Flywheel and Barry’s Bootcamp’s websites.