Sweat Fixx Just Announced the Opening of a Fourth Location

The indoor rowing studio opens on April 27 and will be the largest one yet.

Sweat Fixx

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Elise Caira, owner and founder of the indoor rowing studio Sweat Fixx, told us earlier this month that she wasn’t slowing down—despite her recent announcement of living with an incurable disease—and at the time, she may have been hinting at something big in the making. Because yesterday, the 29-year-old business owner announced the grand opening of Sweat Fixx number four and in her words not ours, “Just when you thought we couldn’t get any more psycho…Beverly we are coming for you.”

The locally grown fitness concept, that blends intervals on a custom-made water rower with strength training, is coming to Beverly on April 27 to its largest studio space yet. You can expect free classes during the grand opening weekend and you’ll be able to snag a spot one week prior.

“One of the biggest reasons that Sweat Fixx has been so succesful is the community,” Caira said in a release.”As soon as we walked into Beverly, we knew right away that this was a place we needed to be. The vibe and the people drew us in. We immediately knew we found our newest community.”

Her team of 34 is excited to bring their spin on indoor rowing to the area, but if Beverly is a little outside your commute check out Sweat Fixx in Arlington, Wakefield, and inside the Gold’s Gym in South Boston. Classes range from high intensity interval training to slower paced ones incorporating yoga. And they even spice up traditional rowing with movements you never really thought could be done on a rowing machine (think: crunches and purely arm work). Each one utilizes strength training and is a great introduction to that type of movement if you’re a newbie.

Needless to say, Caira really isn’t slowing down. This newest addition to the Sweat Fixx family comes just six months after her first Boston location in Southie and only two years after the inception of the whole concept. Others might be knocking on the door of the indoor rowing fad but Caira wants to monopolize it.

14 Elliot St., Beverly, sweatfixx.com