Des Linden On Rain, Beer, and Winning the 2018 Boston Marathon

Will she break the tape again this year?

Des Linden

Photo via AP Images/Elise Amendola

Last year, Des Linden became the first American woman in 33 years to win the Boston Marathon. She broke the tape in less than ideal conditions and showed resiliency and determination after being so close to winning years prior. As she gears up to defend her title on Monday, we asked her a few very important questions.

What does bubbly taste like when you drink it out of a shoe? Rumor has it, that’s how you celebrated your win last year. 

It tastes like sweet, sweet victory.

It’s shaping up to be a cold and wet Marathon Monday. That worked for you last time. Are you praying for rain?

It certainly wouldn’t bother me at all. I believe you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. This mindset has served me well in all conditions and Boston in the spring can certainly serve up anything.

For everyone else who’s not thrilled about running in those type of conditions, do you have any advice?

After months of hard work it can be difficult to let go of your ‘A goal’ before you even get to the start line. Be flexible about your goals based on the conditions, redefine what a successful day will look like and plan your race accordingly if the conditions call for it.

Is your husband’s mustache a good luck charm? Will he be sporting one this year, too?

Even if it were a good luck charm I would not admit it and give him that satisfaction—I’m all for it being removed ASAP. He however thinks it’s amazing and will be sporting it proudly—it’s like a reverse disguise.

Where are you planning on celebrating after the race?

Wherever it’s quickest to get a 26.2Brew

You had the opportunity to present Taylor Swift with a Billboard Music Award this year. What is she really like in person?

Tall. Very, very tall.

What’s your favorite fitness activity outside of running?


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