This Virtual Fitness Series Incorporates Yoga into Your Running Routine

Local fitness instructor, Cara Gilman will lead you through yoga poses, breathing, and meditation to improve your running game.

RUNYOGA session

Snapshot from RUNYOGA session. / Photo provided

Feeling inspired after watching Boston Marathon runners break the tape this year? Or maybe you were among the pack of runners who hit the pavement on Patriot’s Day? Whether you’re recovering from the 26.2-mile trek, or feeling motivated to jumpstart a new running routine, you can check out the RunYoga Virtual Series, from fitness instructor Cara Gilman, launching on May 5.

Gilman, a marathon runner and certified yoga instructor, conceived the concept for RunYoga, which began as an in-person experience in 2014. It teaches runners how fusing yoga into your routine can greatly improve your technique, overall fitness level, and mentality on the road. And now, you can access the program from anywhere.

The four-week program kicks off on May 5. Throughout the month participants will learn yoga poses to improve strength and flexibility and practice breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, and visualization to help with the mental endurance of running. Every week, RunYoga members will get an email from Gilman. The email will contain yoga assignments and an audio meeting discussing the weekly theme.

Over the month-long series, participants will receive five audio meetings, eight yoga for runner’s videos, four meditations, and four reflection assignments. On top of having Gilman as a go-to resource for one-on-one advice, members also have access to a RunYoga Facebook community. The group serves as a great place to boost morale and keep each other accountable.

“This RunYoga Virtual Series is the perfect way to reconnect to your running,” says Gilman. “Through the practice of yoga, we explore flexibility, strength, recovery, meditation, visualization, breathing techniques and reflection. All essential tools to be your best, thus run your best. I’m so excited to host this series again.”

While Gilman’s in-person 10-week RunYoga spring/summer series is currently sold out, those looking for an offline experience can join the waitlist and check back on the site for future sessions. In the meantime, avid and novice runners alike can sign up for the virtual series. And hit the ground (and the yoga mat) running.

$90, May 5-June 2, enroll at