Boston Shoe Company Is Partnering with Local “Fighters” like Aly Raisman

York Athletics Mfg. is inspiring others to fight for their best life.

Aly Raisman

Photo provided

Whenever 24-year-old Aly Raisman makes moves, people are watching. She uses her platform for change on a broader scale. Like helping young girls deal with body image through her clothing line at Aerie. She advocated for healthy eating with Purple Carrot. And now she’s partnering with York Athletics to spearhead a campaign called “Worth the Fight.”

She joins Boston-local brand ambassadors, trainers, teachers, and creatives to inspire the community to fight for your best life. Each person was asked what they fight for and their answers vary widely. Not to mention, the campaign highlights people in the space you might not know.

When asked what she fights for Raisman said in a release she wants to encourage people to fight for their best self. “I am trying to fight not only for my friends and the people that I know. But for the people that I don’t know,” she said. “I want to encourage everyone to speak their truth.”

The Needham-native, who seems to never be afraid to speak her truth, can be seen wearing York Athletics Henry Mid Canvas shoe. It is a lightweight cross trainer perfect for hitting the gym or styling for everyday wear. The footwear company was launched in 2016 and their styles are minimalist and unisex.

Other Boston locals included in the campaign are amateur fighter Elvin Johnson, dancer and digital content manager Gisella Dimitroff, and model Tusneem Abuhasan, among others. They fight to stay true to themselves, for individuality, and truth—and want you to do the same. York Athletics brand ambassador, and Handle Bar and Barry’s Bootcamp instructor, Candice Peak said on Instagram she fights to create positive outcomes whether “it’s taking care of the planet or always treating the human being next to you with respect.” The fitness instructor frequently shares ways to be more sustainable on her social platforms.

“There are many distractions today that can divert us from our goals, values, and personal growth,” Mark McGarry, York Athletics co-founder, said in a release. “The ‘Worth the Fight’ campaign is about staying focused on priorities and choosing worthwhile battles. We are committed to motivating and celebrating everyday fighters on their journeys to carve out their own path in life. To us, that is worth the fight.”

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