Kayak and Paddleboard for Free with L.L. Bean to Kick off the Summer

Starting Memorial Day weekend, through the month of June, take advantage of this deal from the outdoor retailer.

L.L. Bean

Photo provided

If you got outside this past weekend you know just how refreshing the sunshine and warm air felt. And if you’re anything like us, you probably never wanted it to end. Even though you might not be able to drop all responsibilities to spend every moment outdoors, leave it to L.L. Bean to make sure you make the most of your time in the sun.

Starting Memorial Day Weekend, through the entire month of June, you can sign-up for any one of the retailer’s discovery courses for free. Typically priced at $25, the discovery courses range from things like kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding to archery and even mountain biking. Each class is led by an expert from L.L. Bean who will be able to provide demonstrations, clinics, and hands-on learning for all levels.

“At L.L. Bean we believe the outdoors is the most inclusive club there is,” Gretchen Ostherr, director of the Outdoor Discovery Programs at L.L. Bean, said in a press release. “And we encourage all to ‘Be an Outsider’ with their family and friends.”

So even if you have never taken a kayak out onto the Charles River or successfully stood up on a paddelboard you’ll be in good hands. Plus, managing equipment and the logistics of outdoor adventures is half the battle of actually going out and doing the thing.

Right now, the closest store to drop in for a course is in Dedham but the Seaport location will soon be offering courses starting the first week of June. You can sign-up for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding at both locations and look for different activities throughout the New England area—might make for a good summer road trip. Plus, with activations like this and the many free outdoor fitness series in the area, you may never have to break out your wallet this summer.

Free, May 25-June 30, to sign-up: llbean.com