You Can Now Do Yoga on Ice at the Seaport Ice Skating Rink

New festivities also include adaptive skating, board games, and Rockhopper Rumble.

Photo via Boston Seaport

The Seaport neighborhood has a way of dazzling visitors and residents in flashy new ways each season. In the summer it’s home to a beer garden and free outdoor fitness. And in the winter, thanks to the new Seaport ice skating rink and a dazzling light display, the area is full of winter cheer and festivities to keep you entertained until the city thaws out.

The ice skating rink, which opened earlier in December, is part of a larger winter village called Snowport. On top of offering warm drinks, tasty waffles, and an array of community events soon to come, the rink is now offering yoga on ice—or IceFlow—from ice skating company Joy Skate Productions. The company puts on workshops, shows, and more throughout the Boston area and will also offer adaptive skate classes for children with disabilities at the Seaport ice skating rink.

Now, if you’re a little hesitant about the idea of yoga on ice, I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a great way to challenge yourself. It’s also a fun way to learn a new outdoor activity—which we’re all kind of pining for in the dead of winter.

IceFlow bears no real resemblance to yoga—you won’t actually have to do down dogs or savasanas on the ice. Rather, the class draws inspiration from the way yoga is intended to connect your movements with your breath. When I tried it with Elin Schran, the founder and creator of Joy Skate Productions, she offered different skating sequences to sample as you skated down each length of the rink. We did things like turns, glides, and spins that could be modified for any experience level. Even as a skating newbie, I was able to keep pace…for the most part.

Snowport also just debuted a new retro (stationary) gondola straight from Aspen Mountain in Colorado. Inside, you’ll find boardgames like Rock-em Sock-em Robots and Candy Land when you tire of skating.

And if you want to use your own body for playing games, you can now play Rockhopper Rumble, a type of bowling-style game where you bowl into a group of wobbling penguins. It’s maybe best reserved for the kiddos, but adults can play as well. Although the gondola might serve as an Instagram-worthy backdrop, pictures of your friends and family knocking down fake penguins might provide some worthier laughs (and memories). To each their own.

65 Northern Ave., Boston, Look for the full schedule of IceFlow and adaptive skating classes at: