Get Stronger with These Partner Workout Routines

Working out with a buddy is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable.

Photo via Pexels

Doing the same old workout again and again can get tiring. The next time you’re looking to switch up your exercise routine, try a partner workout. Besides just working out next to each other, there are plenty of different workout moves that involve both people, making your workout more collaborative and fun.

Whether you’re looking to switch up date night, or want to stay fit with a friend, try incorporating these moves into your next workout. Perform three rounds of each move, doing anywhere between 8-12 reps, depending on your level of fitness.

Pistol Squat

Pistol squats, or a single-leg squat, can be difficult, but with a partner it gets a little easier. To perform the move, face your partner and grasp their right hand. You’ll both squat at the same time, using the other person for balance.

Plank with Clap

Work your core with this plank move. Get into plank position facing your partner—keep your core tight and make sure your lower half isn’t too low or too high. Your back should be straight. Starting with the right hand, high-five your partner and repeat with the left.

Partner Burpee

To add extra cardio to the already heart-pumping burpee, start with your partner lying on the ground. Perform a burpee, leap over your partner, and perform another burpee. You can perform all your reps at once, or you can switch off by lying down after your second burpee and having your partner go.

Triceps Kick Back

You’ll need a resistance band for this arm move. Stand facing your partner and hold one end of the resistance band, while they hold the other. At the same time, use your triceps to extend the band backwards, keeping your elbows tight to your body. Remember to move slow and controlled—don’t rush the movement.

Band Jump

Using that same resistance band, set up for some cardio and soft landing practice. Have your partner stand in front of you with their back to you and loop the resistance band around their waist. Make sure there’s some light tension on the band. Hold on tight to the band while they jump forward, pushing against the resistance and landing in a squat position. Try to land softly after jumping.

High-Low Twist and Pass

This full-body move uses a medicine ball to work both your upper and lower body. Stand with your back facing your partner’s back. Hold the medicine ball diagonally over your right shoulder, pass it so your partner receives it on that side, squat, and meet your partner at the lower left diagonal where they should pass you the ball.

That entire sequence is one rep—be sure to switch sides.

Side-Plank Pass

Get in a side plank position on your right side—your partner should be on the same side, facing your back. Hold a lightweight dumbbell and extend your left arm up, then bring it down to pass the dumbbell under your right arm to your partner. They should bring the dumbbell up with their left arm and you should also extend your left arm upwards. Take the dumbbell back from your partner while both left arms are extended upwards and repeat. Be sure to switch sides.

Squat and Dip

Test the limits of your quad strength and tricep strength with this tricky move. One partner should do a wall sit, keeping legs at a 90 degree angle and holding a medicine ball above their head. The other partner should get into a dip position, but resting their palms on their partner’s knees. Perform one round of tricep dips, then switch.