Boston-Area Fitness Studios and Gyms Are Closing Temporarily Due to Coronavirus

Please, keep exercising though.

Photo via Getty Images

As just about everything in the city is canceled, shut down, or postponed, it seems fitness studios and gyms are doing all they can to keep their doors open.

Not only do local fitness studios and instructors rely on full classes and paying clientele to keep their businesses in the green, the community is relying on these fitness studios to keep their mental and physical health in check. Many studios have already sent out notices and updates about what they’re doing to keep you safe, but now, unfortunately, the risk is becoming too much for some.

To help you keep track, here’s a list of fitness studios and gyms in the area that have announced closings or adjusted schedules and pricing due to the coronavirus:

  • November Project workouts are canceled until further notice
  • Turnstyle is closed until further notice
  • North End Yoga is closed until March 27
  • EveryBodyFights is closed until April 7
  • Shawmut Yoga Studio is closed until April 1
  • Back Bay Boxing is closing until April 1
  • Coolidge Yoga is closed until March 27
  • Yogaworks is closed until March 31
  • Lululemon is cancelling all Sweat Classes in its studio effective immediately and until further notice
  • 305 Fitness is closing all studios until March 27
  • Fly Together Fitness is canceling all studio classes and unused classes will be credited to your account
  • The Handle Bar is closed until further notice
  • BKBX is limiting class sizes to 12 participants
  • Btone is closing all Boston studios through March 28
  • Barry’s Bootcamp is closed until further notice
  • Blissful Monkey is limiting class sizes to 15 people
  • YMCA of Greater Boston is closed beginning March 16 until further notice
  • Exhale is closed beginning March 16 until the end of the month
  • Sweat Fixx studios closed temporarily
  • Trillfit is closed until further notice
  • Burnin’ By Ray is closed until March 22
  • Redemption Studio classes on hold until the end of the month
  • Row Republic is closed until March 28
  • Soul Cycle is closed until further notice
  • B/Spoke is closed temporarily
  • Health Yoga Life is closed until March 27
  • Cambridge Athletic Club is closed temporarily
  • Mission Hill Yoga is closed until March 31
  • REPS is closed until March 30
  • Flywheel temporarily closed
  • Achieve Fitness is temporarily closed
  • Mike’s Fitness is closed until April 6
  • BSC is closed until April 7
  • Equinox is closed until the end of the month
  • AMP Fitness is closed temporarily

In addition, many yoga studios are no longer providing hands on adjustments, using props, or offering mat rentals. Many are halving class sizes, and some places like Down Under Yoga and Coolidge Yoga are offering online classes. Sweat Fixx also has workout classes on demand, 305 Fitness has a YouTube channel filled with at-home workouts, and Achieve Fitness just released a bodyweight program for when you don’t have access to the gym.

Right now, it does seem bigger gyms like Equinox, Healthworks Fitness, GymIt, Boston Sports Clubs, and Mike’s Fitness are keeping their doors open to the public. In phone calls to Equinox, Healthworks, and Boston Sports Club South End, front desk personnel were quick to say there were no plans to close in the near future.

So, if you’re one of those people who deal with stress through sweat, you still have gym options. And just to reiterate: Wash your hands, clean any equipment you use, and cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with your elbow.

Do you know of any additional fitness studios/gym closures in the Boston-area? Let us know.