These Boston Gyms Lent Out All Their Fitness Equipment to Members

During tough economic times, they're leading by example and showing that sharing is caring. If only we could do that with the TP.

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Last week, I did a quick Amazon search for kettlebells and resistance bands. I figured I’d finally pull the trigger on buying some fitness equipment for all the at-home workouts I now find myself doing. Much to my dismay, every item I clicked on read “Temporarily Out of Stock.” Clearly, with gyms across the country closing their doors everyone had the same thought I did, even if the online retailer did eventually restock.

Luckily, local Boston gyms are sharing—mostly free of charge. Some are renting their fitness equipment, like kettlebells and bands (or whatever else you can lug off yourself) for a price and some are using the honor system in hopes that you’ll return whatever you take when the gym opens back up. It’s genius, really. Why just let the equipment sit in darkness gathering dust? With just one kettlebell alone, you’re able to do a whole host of new exercises.

Achieve Fitness in Somerville was one of the gyms to hop on the bandwagon. “We rented all our kettlebells to our members (for free),” Lauren Pak, co-owner of the gym told me. “We also put everyone on a virtual at-home workout program and their coaches have been able to communicate with them through an app called Truchcoach so they can make modifications based on equipment they have available and individual considerations.”

It’s been fascinating to watch the creativity, not only from coaches and trainers who are coming up with ways to keep people dedicated to their fitness routines, but also from exercisers everywhere. Some people are utilizing towels, Lululemon bags, babies, and even beer cases. It’s amazing what happens when the gyms (with all their machines and fancy equipment) close their doors and we’re thrust into a world of making do with what we’ve got. Not only does it make you feel a little more grateful for what once seemed like an everyday convenience, but it also makes you realize how cool it is to become a master of your own bodyweight.

Ethos Fitness, AMP Fitness, and RxStrength Training have also lent out virtually all of their equipment to members and are continuing to put out daily exercise programs so people can carry on with their fitness without that much of a blip.


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Overwhelmed at the response we got from our free member equipment rental program! To all of you who’ve come by to borrow our toys, so glad you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop wanting that fitness in your lives! (AND we hope you love all those @kettlebellkings KBs as much as we do!) 😍 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 🔻 Rx Strength Training is not just a place for fitness – we like to think that it’s an idea that goes everywhere with us. And with all of our #rxfamily staying active and keeping our toys moving, away from their home, that idea is stronger than ever! 💪 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 One and all are welcome to follow our at-home program in Wodify, but if you have a killer training session planned, we want to see it! 🎥 Tag @rxstrengthtraining and use hashtags #rxathome and #rxstrengthtraining, and we’ll repost you so everyone can see your socially distanced strength! ❤️

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In addition, Back Bay Boxing is selling some small hand weights, jump ropes, and med balls. Clientel3 is also renting out up to four pieces of equipment per member for $100. And Redemption Strength and Conditioning in the North End bid farewell to all their kettlebells.

Since all these gyms are doing nice and kind favors for their members, and I’m sure more are to follow, can you please do me a favor? Remember this kind hospitality, maintain good karma, and maybe find a way to help your neighbors.