How Boston Is Showing Thanks to Its Healthcare Workers

"Thank you" will never be enough for these hometown heroes.

Photo credit Leah Wilson

“Today is a bad one :(”

This is the text I received from a friend who works at Massachusetts General Hospital last Friday. I intermittently check in on her, hoping (and praying) that she is not only getting enough sleep and able to protect herself physically and mentally, but that maybe one day her answer will be a little different. Unfortunately, for her and many other medical professionals across Boston, that’s not the case. And it won’t be the case for the next couple of weeks—especially as they embrace for what could be a staggering amount of new COVID-19 patients.


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While some of us can carry on working from the safety of our own homes, hospital workers of all types head into work on the front lines of this crisis. The accounts of what they’re experiencing are harrowing, and I don’t think any of us can truly fathom what they’re going through. We can, however, show them some support. Every Friday at 7 p.m. across the city, residents have begun clapping, singing, and cheering for healthcare workers from porches and outside of windows and homes. Streets have become decorated with colorful signs and posters showing thanks to these hometown heroes. We rounded up some of the posters below, and if you see any more around town, we would love to feature them.

Even better, while you (or the kids) are sitting around with nothing else to do, painting a poster could become a great afternoon craft project.

Here are some other gestures, big or small, companies and residents around Boston are initiating to lend a helping hand to healthcare workers:

Do you know of other ways to help healthcare workers in Boston? Let us know.

Photo credit Cindy Goodrich

Photo credit Leah Wilson

Photo credit Leah Wilson

Photo credit Leah Wilson