Nine Black Fitness Professionals in Boston to Follow on Instagram

They're inspiring and empowering Bostonians everywhere to be better.

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As protests for the Black Lives Matter movement continue to happen throughout the Boston area, there are many ways you can support the Black community besides protesting. Not only can you donate to these organizations that support diversity and inclusion or eat at these Black-owned restaurants, but if you’re an active member of the fitness community, you can think about turning to one of these Black fitness professionals for fitness or nutrition advice and when it comes time to join in on another virtual workout. Remember, this shouldn’t be the end of your commitment to change here in Boston, but each small action leads to the larger systemic change we’re all hoping for in the future.

This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive list of all the amazing Black and POC fitness instructors in Boston, though. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know who we’re missing!


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Ashley Mitchell

This senior instructor from Barry’s Bootcamp is a force to be reckoned with. Her Instagram page is full of inspiring messages to be your best self and unapologetic calls to action for the wellness industry in Boston to wake up to white supremacy and think about how representation matters in studio spaces and gyms. She also does work through her collective, the Courage Campaign, where she helps to transform her clients’ lives by “transforming their fear.”


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Rachael Junard

Co-founder of the collective You Good Sis?, which focuses on helping Black and brown women looking for mental, spiritual, or physical help, Junard is a yogi at heart. Her Instagram is not only filled with helpful stretching and breathing techniques, but recently she’s been breaking down how to decolonize your wellness practice within the city and is offering one-on-one yoga sessions.


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Jaylee Momplaisir

The other half to the dynamic duo that makes up You Good Sis? is Jaylee Momplaisir. Also a yogi, she and Junard work together to bring resources to Black and brown communities as well as education and wisdom on how to diversify wellness practices throughout the city.

Heather White

Trailblazer Heather White never stops. Alongside a full time job on Hubspot’s marketing team planning and coordinating their massive marketing conference In Bound, she somehow manages to run a succesful and thriving dance fitness studio called Trillfit, located in Mission Hill. Trillfit’s motto is simple: Everyone belongs. White’s work doesn’t just start and end with her passions, though. Her drive to bring wellness to all landed her on the cover of our May 2019 Power Issue and she’s led talks and panels with government leaders including Ayanna Pressley. “I am not well, if WE are not well” is her message now. And it couldn’t be more true for the time.


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Clyde Simms

Let’s get one thing straight: Clyde Simms is a busy man. A former pro soccer player for DC United and the New England Revolution, he now serves as the voice of New England Revolution radio 98.5 and is the owner of the cycling studio Rev’d Cycling. Its first Boston studio came to Copley Place earlier this year. Besides inspiring fitness content and empowering messages, you’ll also get to see the occasional adorable picture of his son Grayson on his Instagram page, as well as imparted wisdom from his former professional sports days.


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Fabiola Garcon

Creator of FabFitREADY, Fabiola Garcon’s Instagram page will inspire you to stop scrolling and get moving. Her page is filled with helpful exercise tips, as well as moves you may never have tried before. FabFitREADY is her personal training business where she caters your programming to your goals, whether you want to get stronger or lose a couple pounds.


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Brit Alexandrite

A barre and pilates instructor, Brit Alexandrite chooses to radiate positivity via her Instagram page. It’s filled with messages about accepting your body as it is, grounding yourself in the present moment, and seeking to be the change you wan to see in the world. You’ll feel more than uplifted after visiting her page. Once gyms reopen, catch one of her classes at the Pure Barre in Sudbury where she is the general manager.


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Midori Dowdie

This former bodybuilder is a holistic health coach and personal trainer. She owns the company MadSoleful where she “empowers clients to re-envision the way they view themselves and to strive for more.” Her company and personal Instagram pages are full of client testimonials, inspirational quotes, and diet and exercise tips. Recently she has spoken out about the Black Lives Matter protests, reminding people that no one is perfect—we all must continue to do the work to learn and improve.


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Kenny Vertus

Kenny Vertus’ plyometric videos will leave you with your jaw on the floor. This personal trainer has unrivaled talent—which is probably why his personal training company is called just that, Unrivaled Performance. He helps clients to better their fitness by offering intense programming and coaching advice. You’ll never get bored with his workouts—and your endless Instagram scrolling will become more lively entertainment.