Seven Outdoor Exercises You Can Do on an Athletic Field

Take your workout to your local football field.

Photo via Pexels

After working out in our bedrooms, basements, and living rooms for the past three months, a change of scenery is more than welcome. While gyms remain closed and we get used to the new fitness normal, it’s now warm enough to take your workout outside. Running is always an option, but if you’re looking to mix it up, these outdoor exercises can be done on any athletic field near your home. These moves focus on agility, plyometrics, endurance, and cardiovascular strength.

Some moves call for cones, but if you don’t have them, rocks or other stationary objects will do the trick.

Side Shuffle

Start with your knees slightly bent and feet hips-width apart. Move to your right and shuffle three times, so the left foot meets the right. Stop, jump 180 degrees, then shuffle to the left three times. Do this down the entire length of the athletic field and back. If you want, you can shuffle more than three times or increase the amount of shuffles as your ability increases.

Circle-Around the Cone Drill

This move helps you work on your acceleration, deceleration, and body control. To do the move, you’ll need three cones, or any other stationary object. Place two cones horizontally, with some distance between them—this will be your “finish line.” Take the third cone and place it a couple of feet behind the two other cones. Start on the left or right side of the cone, then shuffle up front, to the side, and back and then sprint forward to cross the “finish line.” Do six reps total.

Broad Jump

Start on one end of the field. Get into a squat position with knees bent and feet hips-width apart. Jump forward, using your arms to help propel you. Land softly on your heels with your chest up and knees pointed straight ahead. Repeat over and over again until you get to the other side of the field.

Slalom Jump

If you have cones, use them, but any other stationary object, such as rocks, will do. Place the cones/rocks in a zig zag pattern with space between each cone. Start at the first cone and keeping your feet together, hop to each cone. Once you get to the end, turn around and repeat going back the way you came.

Line Sprints

These sprints can be done on any field where there are markings, but if your field doesn’t have them, you can use cones. Start by sprinting 20 yards then sprint back to the beginning. Then sprint 50 yards and back. And finally, 70 yards and back. Repeat the sprints two to three times.

High Knee Ladder Drills

If you don’t have a ladder, you can use sticks to create your own, or get creative with weights and exercise bands. Step into the first box laterally with both feet, then run forward driving your knees up high and swinging your arms for power. Make sure both feet are landing in each box. Once you get to the end, turn around and do the high knees back the way you came. Repeat six to eight times.

100-Yard Push-Up Run

This is a combo strength and endurance move to work your whole body. Start at one end of the field and run at 80 percent of your max. Every 20 yards, drop and do 10 push-ups, then sprint to the next 20 yards. Repeat going back the way you came. To make this move more challenging, do 20 to 30 push-ups instead of 10.