Five Locals on Their Plans for a Fall Fitness Routine

After a summer of sun, sand, and maybe more than a few cocktails, here’s how five busy locals plan to work out this season.

Illustration by Jeannie Phan

The celeb: Reverend Liz Walker
Senior Pastor, Roxbury Presbyterian Church

The workout: “Early-morning devotion and prayer are my top daily priorities—if I miss a morning, I feel a little lost. Otherwise, my exercise of choice is bike riding. I prefer to ride on the Charles River path. I love the rhythm of a bike ride without rush or pain. I can stop whenever I want, sit on a bench, meditate, pray, or simply watch the world go by. I usually start at the parking lot across from WBZ-TV and ride past the Hatch Shell, the Museum of Science, then under the Zakim Bridge, over the harbor to Charlestown. It’s a beautiful path.”

The celeb: Alberto Vasallo III
President and CEO, El Mundo Boston

the workout: “As of right now, the only consistent exercise I am able to squeeze in is a walk either around my neighborhood or along Revere Beach. I get in at least three to four long walks a week. I try to work up a sweat as I walk, but the key for me is to walk while I have phone conversations with friends, family, or catching up on work-related calls that would ordinarily get an email response. I tried walking with music, but it got boring for me!”

The celeb: Kristin Canty
Restaurateur, Filmmaker, and Farmer, Woods Hill Pier 4

the workout: “Working at a farm and in a restaurant can actually be great workouts. But I also love vinyasa flow yoga and barre classes. I recently discovered Alanna Perry’s bounce/barre groove classes, and I love them. Her half-trampoline, half-barre classes are a lot of fun. When I can, I also attend meditation workshops with Joe Dispenza, a great guru. His guided meditations begin and end almost every single one of my days.”

The celeb: Wilnelia Rivera
Founder and President, Rivera Consulting

the workout: “Pre-pandemic, I would run 15 to 18 miles a week on the treadmill—only really skipping late summer and the holidays. But post-lockdown in a global pandemic, my priorities have shifted, and I am just not ready to go back to the gym. I visit and take walks with loved ones—we have a beautiful city and state, chock-full of trails, parks, and lakes.”

The celeb: Elijah Wahlberg
Musician, Pink Laces

the workout: “During the summer, I take a lot of time to explore other parts of music. I make a lot of hip-hop beats and try different stuff out. Once it’s time to lock back in, I usually bring in everything I learned from other genres of music and focus solely on my career. Aside from that, I make sure to stay extra-disciplined in my diet, weight training, and walking frequently to clear my mind.”