Five Natural Immune-Boosting Treatments to Try This Flu Season

This cold and flu season, don’t just douse yourself in hand sanitizer. Fight germs with local treatments designed to boost the body’s natural defenses.

Illustration by Jeannie Phan

For a Spin in an Infrared Sauna
The Indoor Oasis

From soaking up the sun on your favorite beach down on the Cape to perfecting the camel pose in your weekly hot yoga class, you’re not afraid to break a sweat. Put your tolerance for heat to good use at the Indoor Oasis in Newton, where you can book 20- and 40-minute sessions in a private infrared sauna. Unlike a traditional sauna, which uses steam to warm the air, infrared models rely on heat lamps or light panels to raise your body temperature—promising to ease joint pains, increase circulation, and (according to some studies) help you ward off the common cold in the process.

For IV Therapy
Vita Hydration + Wellness

Not one to panic at the sight of a needle? The trendy IV-powered services at this Worcester-based wellness center should suit you just fine. In particular, the team’s “Immunity” drip is packed with vitamins B and C as well as the mineral zinc to help naturally strengthen your immune system and boost energy. Right arm or left?

For Red-Light Therapy
Restore Hyper Wellness

Skin-care enthusiasts, take note: Red-light therapy isn’t just known to strengthen the body’s disease-fighting resources. Some research suggests that the non-invasive treatment—which stimulates production of cell-repairing nitric oxide by harnessing the power of low-intensity LEDs—may combat wrinkles, scars, and sun damage, too. Give it a go at Restore Hyper Wellness. With locations in Newton and Hingham (and new spots on the way in Woburn and Dedham), the spa’s single-user red-light therapy rooms are prime spots for donning your sunglasses and basking in the scarlet glow.

For Salt Therapy
Scituate Salt Cave

We all know that filling our bellies with too much high-sodium food can wreak havoc on our kidneys and blood pressure. But spending time in the company of 30,000 pounds of Himalayan pink salt, which has anti-inflammatory properties? That’s another story. At this recently opened spot in Scituate, you can book 45-minute sessions in your choice of two salt caves—each designed to help you relax while you inhale the mineral-rich air (and rid your airways of any illness-causing intruders while you’re at it).

For Lymphatic Drainage
G2O Spa + Salon

Charged with producing infection-battling white blood cells, the lymphatic system is a critical component of your body’s immune response. Give it the attention it deserves with G2O’s 60-minute body lymphatic drainage treatment, during which a technician moves a vacuum-like device over the back, legs, and abdomen to help alleviate any swelling or blockages in the system that may affect its performance, as well as reduce everyday annoyances like bloating and fatigue.