42 Ways to Be a Better Bostonian This Holiday Season

Being a Masshole is out. ’Tis the season to be good.

Boston snowman

Photo illustration by C.J. Burton

Bostonians are a lot of things—whip-smart, comically funny, and wry to the bone—but nice? Historically, that hasn’t been our forte. Our road rage is unparalleled (remember the guy who surfed down the Pike on the hood of someone’s car?), our favorite sports chant is “Yankees Suck!” and a recent survey of the most charitable states ranked us in the lower half. The good news? It’s not too late to turn that perma-scowl upside down. The holidays, in fact, are the perfect excuse to advocate for a return to civility—which is exactly what we’re doing in the following pages. So go ahead, be kinder to your friends and family, lend a helping hand to your fellow Bostonians, and definitely treat yourself while you’re at it. With all the not-so-nice things going on in the world, now’s a great time for a little cheer.

Christmas dog

Photo illustration by C.J. Burton

Be Kind to…The People You Know

How much to tip your dog walker, plus tips to become a better coworker in time for the New Year.

Christmas present

Photo illustration by C.J. Burton

Be Kind to…Yourself

Whether you need a getaway in Kennebunkport or a quick fix for a cookie exchange—here are the insider secrets to a balanced holiday. 

Boston cookie

Photo illustration by C.J. Burton

Be Kind to…The City

Volunteer with Community Servings, donate to Rosie’s Place, or just let a fellow commuter in at the next merge.